why a photo blog?

Why attempt a photo blog when photography is not your greatest talent? 
Well, one day I was pondering good habits and bad habits and how easy, or so it is said, it is to form a habit, good or bad. You only need to perform it approximately six times before the habit forms apparently.
Hmmm, I know it is very easy for bad and lazy habits to form, how about good ones? 
Okay, I quite enjoy taking photos and we have a camera or two around the house, can I get into the habit of taking one photo a day? For a year? 
That is my 'personal challenge'.

Do I just want to take just any old photo? No. 
I want the pictures to portray some aspect of my life on that particular day.
That makes some pictures more interesting than others, and some quite meaningless to anyone but me.
"Daniels' gift" for example is blurred and fuzzy and an old ladys' hand - but my youngest grandson made the green ring on the old lady finger and gave it to me. So to me it is a great picture because it is full of love.

Do I want to take better photos? Yes, but let's get one challenge out of the way at a time or none might get finished.
You see, even though I am getting near the end of this challenge, and even though I have managed to take pictures most days, I still have to be intentional about taking them. 
A habit as such has not formed.
I do not automatically pick up my camera as I leave the house, sometimes I am halfway to town or wherever and realise I have left it behind. 
Sometimes I do have it and forget to take a picture. 

Do I want to keep going with the photo blog when I finish this challenge? At the moment, yes, but probably not on a daily basis. 

I will see how the future shapes up and take it from there.


  1. Good luck with the challenge and don't give up. I did not set out to take a photo a day though I do tend to I set out to post a photo a day and mananged to do a whole 365 useing the stock of photos I have. I've eased off but will do another 365 agaon. Keep it up

  2. I totally understand this. A personal challenge is the reason I started a daily photographic blog. It was only going to be for 12 months and nearly 2 years down the track I'm still loving taking photos. What I'll do on January 1, 2015 I haven't made up my mind.


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