Friday, 22 August 2014

Some rural fences

Today we took a train trip up country and these are a couple of the fences at the final stop before returning. They are just fence posts and #8 wire, which is typical fencing on farms in New Zealand. 
I hope you can see the fine line of the wire.

a road to ....

green paddocks

farm gate


This bottom fence baffled me - the posts are about
 6 foot high with a single strand of #8 wire along the top. 
It's certainly not to keep stock in...or out.

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  1. that last one is VERY odd! obviously not to keep deer out, either, since they could walk right under.

    the rest of them look like they could be texas. :)

    1. I've come to the conclusion that the rabbiters dogs are attached to the line in the bottom pic with a lead. Enough slack for them to move around but not to get out on the road. We saw rabbiters with dogs and utes up here last time we did the trip.


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