Sunday, 14 September 2014


I don't know whether the following shots count as movement, you decide.

spring lambs

Harrier hawk

Mother duck with ducklings

 I have had a busy month and wanted to take part in this challenge but ended up just pulling some photo's from my archive. Next month I will try to do better. 

Joining with:
Photo challenge: Movement

Photo's taken with a
Canon PowerShot A540
with the setting on Auto.


  1. Oh yes, I think they qualify as movement. The lambs are cute and you caught one in mid-air. The hawk shot is nicely composed, and I can see the ripples on the water in the last one. Give yourself a pat on the back! P.S. Thanks for visiting and following This Sweet Life!

  2. Definitely movement in each photo and my favourite is the little lamb running away.

  3. Those lambs are too precious.

  4. Thank you for joining us in the monthly personal photo challenges! I hope you will continue to join in on the fun! These images certainly do fit the bill, and there's no problem at all to pull the files from your archives. We all get busy from time to time and then don't have an opportunity to do specific photo shoots.

    The soaring hawk is so fun. We have those birds flying over our cottage all the time, and it's entertaining to watch them ride the air currents, gliding over the valley. The duck photo is a very pleasing composition, with some foreground interest and diagonal lines to draw our attention. And my absolute favorite is the little lamb jumping away from the herd, ready to investigate what its siblings are missing. That one has an adventuresome spirit!

  5. There's definitely movement in your photos. The little lambs look like they are having so much fun.

  6. Looks like movement to me! Love the lambs!


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