Thursday, 4 June 2015

A big rain bomb

A big weather bomb has left a lot of water lying around the city.
this is outside our place, I haven't ventured further yet.

There are a couple of fences
visible here so I am
joining with Tex at:
Good fences


  1. Looks like you can paddle in the back garden

  2. Oh my, hope you have a kayak handy?

  3. a lot of water in a short time, i'm guessing. :)

  4. You did get a lot of water! I don't think I'd have ventured out yet, either.

  5. that is a bit of water, hopefully the sunshine will dry it up soon so you can venture out!

  6. It seems that our little part of Taranaki missed most of the bad weather, we are just happy that the rain fills our water tank!

  7. I had never heard it called that, but that is sure what we had last night! A BIG rain bomb!


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