Sunday, 24 May 2015

South Life Church

I thought over the next few weeks I would 
show you some of the churches in our town.
Some I will be able to get inside and others not.
Below is the first one. Just a street view.

South Life Church, Mosgiel.
I think this is the only Pentecostal church left in Mosgiel,
once upon a time there were several of them.
I'm pretty sure this church was purpose built
even though it looks like a converted dwelling place.
Another small but active congregation.

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  1. Looks completely different from Europe

  2. A tad modern for my tastes. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. I think, around here, small congregations meet in homes or in spaces not in use. This photo is nice.

  4. A nice small church with no frills...which are always beautiful and sometimes historic and artistic, but not necessary for worship!

  5. I agree with Tom's comment. It is rather modern.

  6. i would have figure it was a bank? ( :


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