Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Monkey Bar

and you can go to a link about it here.
From the outside it looks to have some very nice stained glass.


Unfortunately it is now a student bar known as the Monkey Bar.

Sorry, not very good snaps, 
taken through the front windscreen while we were stopped at the lights.

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  1. Ohh !! Here (in Catalonia) it is unusual transform churches in bar. This building deserves a good appreciation.
    I wish you have a nice day, Diana.
    (My way here is ispired sunday)

  2. A BAR?! Seriously? I can't believe some houses of worship are turn into bars. I mean I have nothing against bars but -a former house of worship? That's just sad.

  3. it's very decorative! looks very much like puzzle pieces 2 me. ( :

  4. Some churches in Europe are also used as bars

  5. What a pretty building. The windows are so intriguing.

  6. I've seen a few conversions like that! It must be quite a space inside!


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