Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Railway jiggers

The top pictures were taken by my hubby at the 
camping ground we stayed in recently.
He changed the signs around to show what
 was on them. The ones below were taken 
at the starting point  of the Otago Central Rail Trail.
Two quite different types.

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Tuesday's Treasures.


  1. I lived for years on a farm where the railway line ran through the middle of the property. Grew to love the clickety clack of the jiggers as they went by.

  2. These railroad items bring the little boy out of me...what little guys doesn't love trains. Thanks for joining in this week and please hurry on back soon.

  3. Wow! That reminds me of that old series Petticoat Junction! Do you remember it too? Mimi

  4. I have always lived near a railroad...I would not know how to act if I was not within sound, and most times view of a train.

  5. Interesting old railway parts, love the signs!


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