Sunday, 20 March 2016

St. Patrick's, Burkes Pass, N.Z.

We were driving home from Christchurch the long way, 
through the middle of the island,when we came across
 this little church in the middle of nowhere. Actually it is
 in Burkes Pass, a small village at the gateway to the 
Mackenzie Country. There are quite a few photos as 
 I found it a fascinating little church. I think it has probably 
been deconsecrated but is still available for weddings.
Enough words, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Pouhere Taonga is Maori for national (or registered) treasure.



  1. What a simply wonderful little church with a history. It looks quite unusual to me. Love how it is being cared for and, even better, still used.

  2. a sweet little church in honor of St Patrick

  3. so quaint and perfect!! love it. ( :

  4. Love this little church including the stone pathway to the front! The inside is great, too!

  5. What a perfect, little church. Nice to see it has been kept and well loved!

  6. It is a tiny one and quite charming.

  7. What a loveley little church, I would adopt it if it was in the UK

  8. I never miss the opportunity to let people know that St. Patrick was a Welshman. It's a delightful little church. I'm pleased to see it so well maintained.

  9. What a sweet little old church. I know it's not about the building as much as the worship that takes place in them but I think that many of the modern churches just don't have the same feel to them as the old style ones.


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