Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Clyde relic

 Some pictures we took in Clyde (New Zealand) 
earlier this year. The building once housed
the local Builder and Undertaker.
Clyde was one of the towns on the gold trail 
way back in the pioneering days.
There was a lot of junk lying around the yard
 so we took photos of some of the older junk.

joining Tom at Tuesday's Treasures.


  1. Some really great treasures. I like the old rusty farming equipment at the front of the house in the 1st photo.

    BTW I remember once I used "1st" in a comment on someone's blog & they replied & asked me "What does One Ess Tee mean?"

  2. Well worth stopping to take these photos! Great to see the old tools still there.

  3. For one it's junk, for another great rusty things...I would like to stop here for photos too!
    Greetings from Germany

  4. My favourite treasure are the rusty scales. I agree, it is a great place to stop

  5. Builder and Undertaker - coffins I presume.

  6. looks interesting but needs renovation for the next generations

  7. Perfect for this meme. I love old photos of rust and instruments. If they could just talk.

  8. Just down the road from me is Clyde, NY. No gold here! Thanks Diana for sharing these rusty treasures and I hope to see you back again.

  9. That looks to be a terrific place to stop and linger. I love that old stuff!

  10. I love these old buildings.


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