Monday, 20 October 2014

Village churches

Churches in a small rural town in Otago.

Presbyterian church, still in regular use

St Thomas' Anglican church, now a private residence

Roman Catholic church, no longer in use

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  1. Well Diana, one out of three still used as a church, I guess not too bad. Tom The backroads Traveller

  2. Saturday I went off to photograph a church in Wales, I went past two other chaples which had been converted to dwellings. Sad the go but good to see they live on

  3. Church to residence - interesting conversion. Thanks for sharing.

  4. wow, your churches are very interesting and so lovely. I would like to follow your blog. You live in a different part of our world. It is so lovely. Hugs from Poland Gosia

  5. I luv the tall by it's self bell tower the arched windows have a great weekend. ( :


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