Sunday, 24 January 2016

Caversham Presbyterian

This is part of the Coastal Unity parish (or the Presbyterian equivalent). 
St Margaret's, Green Island is another one of the affiliated churches.
I like the coloured glass in the windows and think it must 
be quite a sight with the sun coming through them. 
The bottom snap is the church hall.
Caversham is one of the older parts of the city.

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  1. I like the stonework in this one.

  2. This church is very interesting.

  3. There is so much here Diana to like. The contrasting colors of the stone, the spire and the arched windows. Very nice.

  4. That is a really beautiful building.

  5. I enjoy seeing the church photos you share! I have a love of the old churchs of the north, and always enjoy seeing those from other areas. This one is quite grand, isn't it? I really like the unusual coloured windows.

  6. Caversham made me look that did, the place is only 12 or so mile away beside Reading, the church did not look like one I had seen there. Realised then it was NZ. It's also not on the coast but by the River Thames though your photo could have come from the UK. PS thanks for pointing out about Thomas Buriton wife

    1. Yes, I should really try to remember to put where the church is. This one is Dunedin, New Zealand.

  7. A fine church with very interesting stone work decorating the building.


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