Tuesday, 19 January 2016

'Tonka' trucks

Old and rusty but they were/are definitely treasures.

When my husband saw the pictures I put up last week
 he went out to his 'man cave' and found these. 
He thought there might be some interest in them.
They are a couple of toy Tonka trucks our son had 
as a kid - still with the dirt on them. 
They were well played with :)
I hope you enjoy.

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  1. These are sweet. I played with the same as a child!

  2. Oh Wow!!! This brings back memories. I had one just like it when I was a kid. I grew up in Queenstown, a Copper mining town on the west coast of Tasmania & Tonka Trucks were the ultimate toy for a kid. I also had a Grader & a Front End Loader. Those toys moved a lotta sand & dirt in my childhood days

  3. Tonka trucks were THE best boys trucks to play with back in the day when we grew up! Many happy hours in the sandpit with these! Great treasures!

  4. Oops sorry I made a typo!
    Should be

  5. These Tonka truck are survivors, I remember playing with them as a boy. Thanks Diana for sharing with Tuesday's Treasures this week. I hope that your life is always filled with treasures.

  6. I remember them well. Had several in our sandpit and the modern versions are still loved by kids today.

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  8. My son had Tonka trucks, too so your post really brought back a lot of wonderful memories. So glad your husband had these stored away.

  9. The best of toys ...those with dirt on them!

  10. Oh, these are fantastic!! (Yes, there is interest in them. Thanks for sharing.)

  11. Our granddaughter would play with them now...we bought her one and it has been one of her favorite toys.

  12. They are great to see! Tonka toys were the BEST!

  13. Hello!:)Many thanks for showing these treasures. Guess I'm in the minority cos,I have never heard of the Tonka trucks, but they look solidly made and no doubt will be used again.
    Have a nice weekend!:)


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