Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Classic or vintage?

I'm a real fan of classic cars,
 not that I know anything about them. 
I just like the look of them.
We had a car show here last weekend,
 'Wings and Wheels' I think it was called,
held at the local aerodrome,
but we never got over to it because
 of other family things happening.
So when I saw this parked not far from 
where we live I rushed back with my camera.

I'm guessing it is a 1929 Chrysler, 
don't ask how I worked that out,
which would just about put it in
 the vintage range rather than classic.
Anyway, I hope you like it as much as I do.

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  1. A beautiful car in very good condition, a real treasure and a great joy to look at

  2. What a great looking car! And red! Thanks for sharing your photos of it.

  3. I think this screams opulence all over it. What a beauty. Wouldn’t yu love to have that one in your garage? You Have to love that vivid red and the convertible top. What a gorgeous vintage car.

  4. Cars of this vintage are works of art.

  5. I like to look at them too. I think it has to do with their classy lines.

  6. That is one snazzy little ride!! Love the two-tone coloring on the side.

  7. I love these old cars...this one sure is sharp!

  8. WOWSER, Diana it's right you have to drive...you'd have to drive! What a treasure, please return with more.

  9. I like both & that really is a beautiful car. I'd love to have a go at driving a Vintage Car.


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